Work From Home Policy

In this crazy time where you need staff to work from home, make sure they are staying HIPAA compliant.
Our simple to follow HIPAA Home Office Policy & Procedure
will give you and your staff guidance and piece-of-mind.
Simple-to-follow policy and checklist for those you need to work from home or simply from another location. Perfect as-is or customize policy as desired.

Who We Are

Med Tech USA is a team of experts from various fields that all have one common focus: Technology. From the early days of computerized offices that merely had practice management software (you know, billing and a basic scheduling system) to what we have know in the electronic health records world. We understand medical technology – we also understand many of you have a parallel paper system you still use. The point is, we know and understand how a practice functions.

HIPAA Experts

IT Pros

Meaningful Use Masters

Experts in all things HIPAA. We train. We write policies. We write procedures. We deal with the big things and the little things. Believe us, you’d rather we audit your facility than have the federal government do it. We are on your side. You think you’ve thought of it all? You haven’t…Really…we’ll prove it.
HIPAA compliance may seem very IT centric, and it is. That’s why our strong background in medical IT give us an edge. In fact, we used to be an IT shop (shhh, don’t tell anyone). We understand technology, we know quirks in your EHR. We will make sure your office has everything it needs to be in tip top shape
Meaningful Use is one of those “living organisms”. Not in a good way either. It changes. It changes regularly. It never really seems to make sense. But, we break it all down to make sense of it. No, you don’t have to agree with it, but you have to understand it and abide by it to get that check.

Who Are You?

Few want to admit this, but no matter the size of your practice, the number of locations your ACO, the number of beds in your hospital system or the type of business associate – you all have the same basic requirements…you need the correct policies and procedures in place, followed up by good, consistent training, to ensure your staff (and the doctors) know what is expected of them at all times. The difference in application between the various business entities comes with scalability.

Private Practice

The last thing you want to be thinking about is taxes. The next to last thing is HIPAA compliance. That’s why you hired experts to handle this stuff for you. Don’t pile it on your practice manager. Don’t expect a spouse to learn it. Handle this like you handle other professional aspects of running your business.


The new kid on the block doesn’t get to escape any of the fun. In fact, the typical ACO has such a large management structure that you probably have somebody who claims to be handling HIPAA compliance for you. Are they? Are you sure? It is time to start asking the painful questions.

Medical Facility

Small bed or large bed, Hospital or Nursing Home…you have the same issues. HIPAA compliance doesn’t care about your size, it cares about what is accomplished. Policies, procedures and training. Medical Facilities are the “low hanging fruit” right now. The easy target. Make sure you have your act together…

Business Associate

Basically, if you do anything where you could / might / possibly may see PHI, are are not an employee, then you are a business associate. External billing company, IT support company, temporary staff, simply anyone who has access to PHI that doesn’t belong to them.

Your Challenges




Contingency Plan

Breach Reaction

Recovery Audits

Policies are the foundation of running your business. They provide the guidelines that regulate employees at your company. HIPAA regulations expect that policies be in place for even the smallest practice. They also help protect your business by clearly stating your expectations.
Without procedures being clearly outlined, you will not have continuity in your business. A solid set of procedures will create consistency in your business and ease new staff training.
Annual HIPAA Awareness Training is an ongoing training requirement. We maximize training efficiency with our unique online training program that automatically tracks, reports and reminds for continual compliance.
Contingency Operations and Disaster plan are HIPAA requirement, but also essential to business continuity. Generate revenue ASAP after a disaster to not only ensure the continuity of your business, but to also ensure seeing your patients again.
When a suspected PHI breach occurs, you need to know exactly what is expected of your business, without looking it up online and wondering if you are doing it right.
Recovery Audits continue. Keeping your multiple RAC audit requests organized is key to ensuring you don’t get penalized and have money removed from your reimbursements.